Car shipping may be needed by people for many reasons.

Maybe you purchased a car via eBay

Maybe you own a car dealership

Maybe you want to participate in a track event

Maybe you are relocating to another city

Maybe you want to move your favorite car to your native village

Maybe you finally bought your dream carWhatever the reason, transporting your vehicle to the final destination rather than driving it over can save both money and time. Finding the right professional transporting company saves you a lot of sweat without the stress or hassle of doing it yourself. Auto transport is now made much easier than before. It can be done in a few simple steps as discussed further.




Shipment Listing


A clear budget estimate has to be prepared first to successfully transport the car. Deciding on the right type of trailer or lorry to load the car depends on the total weight, value, time, and exposure of the vehicle during transportation. Any special conditions for extra care have to be mentioned earlier. One of the main components in calculating the cost of car shipping is the distance involved. Also, taller and longer cars need additional adjustments and are more expensive.


Two car transport alternatives are available such as enclosed or open. The enclosed option is ideal in the case of luxury vehicles and provides full protection during shipping. In the open transport, the car will be transported on an open or exposed trailer and costs less. If the car is running, loading onto the trailer becomes easier. Otherwise, it requires a winch and other equipment for loading onto the trailer, which increases the shipment cost.


Get Multiple Quotes


Once you fill in the vehicle data and your requirements in major professional websites, quotes from auto shipping companies come flooding in. You can share your concerns regarding their insurance, safety, and past experiences. You can also review the profiles of the shipping companies using feedbacks from past customers. Also, photos of the equipment and vehicle used for auto shipping will be shared by top-rated companies. Once you have negotiated the right quote, get the transport contract done.


Shipping and Delivery


The contact details of the shipping company will be provided once the best quote is approved. A direct meeting can be had with the transport company to discuss regarding pick-up, transport, and drop or any additional information required.


Preparing Your Car for Transport


Several steps have to be taken to ensure that the car is ready for transport.


Clean out the car exterior as well as interior.

Burn off most of the fuel. Do not leave more than a quarter tank of fuel.

Inspect the car fluids, battery charge, and tyre pressure test.

Remove and keep safe all accessories.

Make sure there is no personal property left behind.

Disable alarm systems, retract the antennae, and fold in the mirrors.

Take pictures of the shipment during pickup as well as drop.